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Transform Your Actions into Greater, Lasting Impact

Find the resources you need to be more effective.  Optimise your conservation efforts. Inspire behaviour change and educate others.  Implement innovative science. Discover durable solutions for local communities.
Big Blue Network’s knowledge-sharing platform puts best practices and resources from individuals and organisations around the world in one place. Fast and easy for you to use.
You, and individuals like you, are working around the globe to accelerate change.  Connect with the Big Blue Community. Share your experiences and resources with others…
Best practices that lead to lasting change are urgently needed to help small-scale fisheries face the growing threats to their livelihoods. Inspire local fishing communities to care for their coastal environments and give them hope for the future.  We seek out tools, guides, and people with practical experience to help you be more effective.  Help bridge the gap between good science, traditional knowledge, and simple, effective actions.

Education and Awareness

More than 150 marine education and awareness resources searchable by language, topic, and target audience. Everyone we talk to in marine science and conservation told us the same thing: Educating the next generation is key to saving the ocean. If you have the opportunity to talk to a school class, camp, a group of divers, surfers, or people at a local resort, please do so!
These are some of the best opportunities to create awareness, change perspectives, and create a new generation who care for the ocean. We make it easy for you to find quality resources from activities to presentations that you can use.  Be inspired. Reduce your preparation time.  Find simple solutions that work in island environments.

Resources, Tools, & Information


From Identification Guides to Citizen Science Apps to Sustainable Seafood, we have tested and rated more than 25 Apps to help you find the right one.

Conservation Days & Conferences 2019

More than 30 Marine Conservation Awareness Days and the most important regional and international marine science conferences on our yearly calendar.

Marine Animal Emergencies

Stranded, injured, harassed, or dead marine animal?  Here are Guidelines and Emergency Contacts to call no matter where you are in the world.


Discover the microscopic marine world with Foldscopes! They are innovative, low-cost microscopes made of water-resistant paper with magnification of 140x.

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