Citizen Science App, Sharks, Rays, Skates

Eggcase Hunt

By Shark Trust
Android: Phone, Tablet
iOS: iPhone
Type: Citizen Science, Shark, Skate & Ray Eggcases
Species: Sharks, Skates, Rays
Wifi: Need to connect to upload data collected off-line
Search: Yes, works well
Region: UK, World
Languages: English
Price Range: Free
What we liked:

Well designed app that explains how to hunt for eggcases, how to identify them (ID guide for species found in the UK species), and how to prepare them to take ID photos to upload with the app. The aim of the project is to identify where different species of oviparous (egg laying) shark, ray, and skate species lay their eggs. For more information see

What could be better:

Originally designed for the UK, the eggcase identification is limited. It does allow you to upload data from other parts of the world.  An international version covering more species would be appreciated.


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