Water Quality App, turbidity, Citizen Science

HydroColor: Water Quality

By Thomas Leeuw
Need 18% photo gray card for reference
Android: Phone
iOS: iPhone
Type: Science, Citizen Science
Species: Water Quality
Wifi: No
Search: Not applicable
Region: World
Languages: English
Price Range: 1 - 5 €
What we liked:

This water quality application uses the smartphone’s camera to determine the reflectance of water bodies. HydroColor can estimate water turbidity (0-80 NTU), concentration of suspended particulate matter (SPM) (g/m^3) and the backscattering coefficient in the red (1/m). The data files are save automatically and can be downloaded on a computer in a text file the information about the measurement: latitude, longitude, date, time, sun zenith, sun azimuth, phone heading, phone pitch, exposure values, RGB reflectance, and turbidity.

What could be better:

Very cool app that provides good data. For more information about the app, see their webpage.


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