App Marine Waste Recorder

Marine Debris Tracker

By Kyle Johnsen
Android: Phone, Tablet
iOS: iPhone, iPad
Type: Citizen Science
Species: Ocean Trash and Plastic
Wifi: App works off-line, connect to up-load data after collection
Search: Default list has 7 general categories, each with sub-categories
Region: Worldwide
Languages: English
Price Range: Free
What we liked:

The app is a tool for any citizen, citizen scientists, and scientists. Although this project started in the USA, data for around the world is uploaded to and analyzed by the University of Georgia. The debris location through the GPS on your mobile device and you input the items you collect in the categories provided. The data is uploaded to the Marine Debris Tracker Website for viewing and download later. There is more than one list to chose from.  For ease of data input, the default list has 7 general categories each with its own sub-list of items. For instructions on how to use the app and record your data accurately, please go to You can also post to social media directly from the app.

What could be better:

Making the app available in more languages. We would like to add “footwear” (thongs, flip-flops, sandals, tennis shoes, etc.) for the Asia-Pacific region.


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