App Phytoplankton, Plankton


By Gano Technologies LLC
Android: Phone, Tablet
iOS: iPhone, iPad
Type: Identification Guide
Species: Common Phytoplankton, Marine and Fresh Water Plankton
Wifi: App works off-line, connect to up-load data after collection
Search: Yes, and it works well
Region: Was designed for the USA, but these common forms seem to be found everywhere.
Languages: English
Price Range: Free!
What we liked:

Easy to use search function to identify common marine and fresh water phytoplankton.  Also provides audio of proper pronunciation.  Flashcard option to help memorise the phytoplankton.

What could be better:

A very nice app to start identifying phytoplankton.  It would be nice if it were expanded to include common marine zooplankton.


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